Freediving at Museo Atlántico

Freediving with instructor Mara Guida among the sculptures is a unique and authentic way to discover the underwater museum, you will feel truly connected with the sea and you will have the chance to experience something completely different!

I have already a freediving certification

If you already have your freediving certification you can join our program. We will meet at 12:30 at Dive College Lanzarote where we will explain the dive.
After this explanation, we will get ready to swim to the boat. The boat trip is around 15 minutes and once we are at the dive site, we will jump in the water and get ready to do the seccion.

This program is guided by our freediving instructor Mara Guida,  she will dive with you and will take care of your safety.

Duration: 2 hours (preparation, briefing, boat ride)
Duration in the water: 45 minutes
Max depth: 15 meters
Price : 49 euros

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Introduction to Freediving

If you always wished to descend deeper to explore the underwater world then you can join our program “introduction to freediving” and be ready to visit the Underwater Museum. In this program, you will learn some skills that you are going to use also in your future dives and will allow you to have a better understanding of the principles of freediving.

This program consists of 3 parts :

1)Basic theory on breathing, compensation and freediving disciplines.
2) Freediver training in the sea with the buoy
3) Fun dive at the museum Atlantico (max depth 15 meters)

Duration: 4 hours
Price: 90 euros including equipment and boat ride

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PADI Freediving course

Being a certified freediver level 1 with PADI allows you to freedive all around the world in total safety and to develop self control and feel more confident in the sea.
It is also recognised by other freediving associations.
The PADI Freediver course is your very first step in this new and fascinating world.

The course consists of 3 phases:
1) Knowledge development with the PADI freediver eLearning (start your theory online today)
2)Confined water session to learn breath-hold techniques as well as static and dynamic apnea.

static apnea of 90 seconds
Dynamic apnea of 25 meters/80 feet.

3) Open water sessions to practice free immersion and constant weight freediving, plus proper buddy procedures.

 constant weight freedive of 14 meters/45 feet.
Extra dive to the underwater museum to practise also in a different environment what you learnt during your course.

Duration : 2 days
Price : 260
This course includes Equipment, PADI online, boat ride to the underwater museum. (depth 15 meters max )

Course including an extra dive to Museo Atlantico is only 30 euros extra.